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Virtual Hosting only $19.95 a month!

To cross the finish line first, you need a finely-tuned machine and a team of professionals working behind the scenes to do what it takes to optimize performance.  Well, that's the way it's done with Dinsmore Group, Inc. Web Site Hosting Service.  Tens of thousands of websites are hosted over the world's largest network hosting connection - which is the the equivalent to 300 T-3's connections.  With network centers on both coasts, and a long list of 'under the hood' web hosting and support features, it's no wonder more and more companies are relying on Dinsmore Group to host their web site.

Only 19.95/mo gets you all of the following features.

  • 100 Mb of Disk Space

  • No Bandwidth Charges 

  • Guaranteed Uptime

  • Full Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Support

  • Unlimited Email Boxes

  • Unlimited Email Forwarding

  • Unlimited Auto E-mail Responders

  • FTP 

  • Custom CGI Script Support

  • Email Forms, Guest books, Shopping Cart, & More

  • Detailed Web Usage Logs & Access to raw log files

  • Secure Server Included

  • 365*24*7 Network Support

  • On-site UPS Clean Power

  • Generator Back-up System





Staffing Technicians Experienced In



If your business uses more than one computer, chances are that you need a network. A network is a combination of hardware and software which allows users to share hard drive space, programs and printers throughout the office.

Today's networks can be amazingly inexpensive to install but, like anything else, there are tricks to making it work. We are trained and authorized to install and maintain networks by Novell and Microsoft. We can take the work and the headaches out of your network installation.

Contact us today, we can show you how networking can save you money and make your business operate more efficiently.



Everybody sells iron. We sell support. When its 3:00 pm on payroll day in your business and your computer system goes down, what is support worth to you?

Do yourself a favor, price your computers, printers, networks and software at any discounter or internet store...be sure to add in all those little extras, extended warranty cost, delivery charges, etc. Then call us.


We provide a service that is getting impossible to find, custom programming. We can produce those custom programs which are critical to your business operation but unobtainable off-the-shelf.

Because we have over 15 years experience producing custom software, we have a large inventory of programs in many different categories. We may be able to modify something already in our inventory to cover your needs at a reasonable cost. Call us.